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How will I feel after a reflexology session?

Most of my clients experience a tenderness and sensitivity in their feet. You may feel twitching in your body and feet as the energy flows through your body.  Others feel prickling sensation.  Most of my clients experience a floating, relaxed euphoric feeling. 

Who does reflexology help?

Just about everyone benefits from reflexology, from preconception, infants, children and teenagers, adults and elderly.  I have seen clients from all walks of life and in varying health conditions.

What happens at my first foot reflexology session?

Please arrive ten minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete a confidential client health history form. After reviewing your history, I will ask you to only remove your shoes and socks and make yourself comfortable in a zero gravity chair. You can nestle under the covers  in a room with soothing music and soft lighting and escape, while  I wrap your feet in moist towels to induce relaxation.  I will use  an application of lotion together with a combination of massage and pressure point application.  Your session will be customized to meet your particular needs and concerns. When your session is ended I will allow you a few minutes to gradually get up and enjoy a refreshing glass of water. 

What are the side effects of reflexology?

We all react differently to the release of a high level of tension in our bodies. Some common physical reactions to the body releasing toxins:

  • Increased urination as kidneys are stimulated
  • Flatulence and more frequent bowel movements
  • Aggravated skin conditions – perspiration and pimples
  • Improved skin tone and tissue texture due to improved circulation
  • Increased secretions of the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth and bronchioles
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Feverishness
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Depression – need to weep

What ever the reactions, it is all part of the healing process. It is suggested to drink room temperature water with juice of a lemon or apple cider vinegar to help accelerate the flushing of toxins.

What happens at a light reflexology session?

 This session is very similar to the foot reflexology, only exception being, prior to beginning the session I will take temperature readings on specific spots on the feet, which relate to body areas.  I am specifically looking for hot and cold spots on the feet.  I will place  infrared light unit on the body area corresponding to a high or low temperature for several minutes encouraging the body to heal itself.  An interesting fact, early Egyptians coated the body with mud and waited to see where the mud dried first – then they “treated” that area.  I am using your body temperature verses mud.
Let go, restore, and reclaim your health. Schedule a session today!