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Body Balancing Therapy in Largo, FL

What is Body Balancing Therapy?

Body balancing is a centuries-old practice that has been used to promote health and well-being. The history of body balancing can be traced back to ancient China, where it was used as a form of exercise and to relieve stress. Body balancing has roots in yoga and meditation, but it’s now a popular fitness trend. When done correctly, body balancing can improve your balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility as well as help to reduce pain and stiffness in your muscles.

The Health Benefits of Body Balancing

There are many health benefits to body balancing, including reducing anxiety, improving joint flexibility, and improving circulation. In addition, body balancing has been shown to help reduce the risk of conditions like chronic pain, arthritis, and depression.

When you engage in body balancing, you can improve your balance, coordination, and strength. Additionally, body balancing can help reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to these physical benefits, body balancing can also help improve your self-esteem and mood. It has been shown it can improve balance and coordination has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits.

1. Improved Balance and Coordination

Body balancing is all about improving your ability to balance yourself and move your body in ways that are safe. By practicing these movements regularly, you can not only improve your balance but also build better coordination in your muscles. This can help you stay more agile and injury-free as you age.

2. Stronger Core Stability

One of the key benefits of body balancing is that it strengthens your core muscles. These muscles support your spine and help you keep your balance when you are moving around. As you strengthen these muscles, you can reduce the risk of injury in other areas of your body, such as your neck and back.

3. Better Posture

One of the best things about body balancing is that it can help improve your posture. By getting up and moving around frequently, you can improve your balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility as well as help to reduce pain and stiffness in your muscles.

Finally, body balancing therapy has been shown to increase overall well-being. This is because it works to restore balance and harmony within the body. It does this by helping to stimulate different parts of the brain to create a sense of calmness and relaxation.

If you are looking for a way to improve your overall health and well-being, body balancing therapy might be the perfect solution for you. Call Reflexology Health and More in Largo today and start on your way to better and improved health!

Massage Largo Florida Reflexology Health More

Most Common Types of Massage Therapy in Clearwater Florida

Massage Therapy in Clearwater Florida is not just a case of pressing here and there and making it feel nice for the person lying on the massage table, it’s about manipulating the joints, muscles, connective tissues, and reducing inflammation.  Industry research suggests that massage has a range of benefits, including increased relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and positive mood change. It’s recommended to treat yourself to a massage once in a while to nurture your body and soul.

There is a range of skills required to giving a top quality and well-suited massage. There are also different subcategories within that scope. It’s important to customize the right type of massage for you, in order to get the most out of the various benefits. Before you book your first massage appointment, ask yourself: what are the main types of massage? All of our customized massages can include a mix of the various types of massages.    In this article, we provide a brief summary of the most common types of Massage Therapy in Clearwater Florida.

Swedish Massage Therapy in Clearwater Florida.  This type of massage is ideal for anyone who is feeling stressed, anyone who just needs to relax, to improve circulation, or to relieve tension or cramping in the muscles. Swedish massage has also been proved effective to increase skin elasticity and help prevent the occurrence of cellulite and stretch marks. 

Aromatherapy Massage in Clearwater Florida.  Therapists use essential oils in their aromatherapy massages. The particular oils are chosen depending on the body conditions or upon the requirement of the person having the massage. The oil will be massaged into the skin, working the upper muscle layers while allowing the essence to be absorbed.

Hot Stone Massage in Clearwater Florida.  The masseuse uses smooth and heated stones and places them on pressure points of the body, e.g. along the spine. Then the pressure and warmth of the stones allows the therapist to work on deeper layers of muscle and helps the body to absorb essences. When undergoing this type of massage, the heat provides you with a reinvigorating experience during the massage and a great energy boost afterwards.

Deep Tissue Massage in Clearwater Florida.  When it comes to targeting a specific body condition, deep tissue massage is the one to get for treating discomfort e.g. tension in the lower back and neck pain. The routine is designed to penetrate below the upper layers of the muscles, and also to reach the lower connective tissues. Whilst targeting a particular problem area, the massage is continued in a much more gentle manner for the rest of the body, to bring about a sense of relaxation after the massage.

Sports Massage in Clearwater Florida.  Active athletes favor sports massage. This type of massage is a combination of a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage, but it tends to be more focused on a problem area, e.g. the parts of the body that are specific to the sport. For instance, if you cycle, the massage will be focused on your wrists, knees and legs. 

Thai Massage in Clearwater Florida.  This particular type of massage is a combination of bodily goodness and it aligns the chakras, or energies that dwells within the body. It’s described as a very dynamic type of massage, but it is incredibly relaxing at the same time. An experienced practitioner in Thai massage will leave you feeling worked out afterwards! This massage covers the whole body and stretches joints, and at the same time putting a suitable amount of pressure on the muscles.

Deep Tissue massage Services Clearwater can be given following an athletic event and is mainly focused upon recovery. This type of sports massage is geared toward reducing muscle spasms and metabolic build-up that occur with exercise.  There are many other benefits to a Therapeutic Massage.  Getting regular massage services in Clearwater Florida can be a great way to improve your overall health and wellness. 

Ionic Foot Bath Largo Florida Reflexology Health

Best Ionic Foot Bath in Clearwater Florida

Ionized foot baths are a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of water therapy. There are many advantages of ionized water, and it’s only natural that more and more people are interested in ways to use this technology in their everyday lives. The following article takes a look at how ionized foot baths work, as well as some of the benefits they can offer you.

The Benefits of Ionic Foot Bath in Clearwater Florida

Ionic foot baths are a great way to improve your health and wellness. Ionic foot baths can help relieve you of stress, inflammation, bruises, muscle pain, and many other aches. They also help the body release toxins.

What is an Ionic Foot Bath?

An ionic foot bath uses a process called electrolysis, which is the transfer of electrons or ions through a liquid. This liquid transfers electricity from the negative electrode to the positive electrode. In this case, the electrodes are made from titanium and create an electrical current that breaks down dry skin cells and removes them from your body. With regular use of treatments like these, you’ll have healthier skin and softer feet.

How to use an Ionic Foot Bath for Health and Wellness

Ionic foot baths are a spa and beauty treatment that uses far infrared energy to promote healing and wellness. People who have chronic pain, edema, diabetic ulcers, cramps, and joint stiffness can benefit from ionic foot bath treatments. The process is simple: soak your feet in water for 15-30 minutes.  As the water heats up, it releases negative ions that create a field of moisture around the body. The Ionic Foot Bath also removes toxins from the skin.

Tips for using the footbath for select conditions

-Ionic Foot Baths are perfect for people with diabetes. This is because it may help to regulate blood sugar levels and also decrease inflammation in the body.

-If you’re feeling restless, a foot bath can help you relax. Using a footbath can reduce anxiety and make you feel more energetic.

-Foot baths are excellent for people with arthritis or joint pain. They relieve inflammation by drawing out excess fluids from your hands, feet, knees, and other joints.

Why should you start using an ionic foot bath?

An ionic foot bath is used to help improve your health and wellness. It can increase your energy, reduce stress and tension in your muscles, and detoxify the body by removing heavy metals from your system. It will also help you sleep better at night and relax more overall.


In conclusion, ionic foot bath therapy is a safe and natural way to improve your health and wellness. It can be used for medical purposes or just for general relaxation. It’s important to note that any adverse effects are rare, but you should consult a doctor before using it if you have a pre-existing condition or if you have any questions.

Reflexology Feet Healing Reflexology Health More Largo Florida

Reflexology and ionic foot bath special only $59 regularly $90

Triple Treat For Your Feet!

Reflexology Health & More LLC

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10-minute total body Vibrations, 20-minute ionic foot bath, and 30-minute foot Reflexology session for a triple treat for your feet.

About Reflexology Health & More LLC

Reflexology for face, hands and feet. Foot detox bath, Massage therapy sessions relaxation, therapeutic, gentle stretching and deep tissue. Bio-mat or Solo Pad Infrared therapy included in your session. Reiki, Touch for Health and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Through active listening your specific needs are addressed during your custom session.

Carolyn Brooker Reflexologist LMT Massage Largo Florida

The benefits of Reflexology in Clearwater Florida

Always on the run with work, picking up kids, grocery shopping, taking care of the house, getting to the gym, and even putting icing on the perfect cake to celebrate your kid’s upcoming birthday. Lifetime’s tasks can be hectic and are always endless. Fact is that your body is always  with you and on the run.  Thank goodness for it’s fine design. Normal or extreme stress on the body can give you some expected aches and pains in any area of that fine machine. Like anything, it needs maintenance and that extra level of TLC as well. 
So, let’s get to that!

You can help repair the whole body with your feet, hands, face and ears! 
We at Reflexology Health and More care!
Let’s talk about the repair!

Reflexology is the massaging of your hands, feet, face and ears. Why? These areas of the body have a secret.  Certain points have access to the central nervous system. All of these points connect various areas in the body. The liver, the heart, the brain, and even lungs, stomach, and sinuses. Incredible but true!

What happens when these points receive pressure?
 Amazing things. Want to hear more? I bet you do.

When you are in to visit us at Reflexology Health and More our friendly expertly trained practitioners will get to work to heal your ails. If you have the following, consider it on the mend because here is what we can do for you through reflexology.

Eliminate Toxins
Increase Circulation
Reduce swelling in Ankles and Feet
Boost Immune System
Recover Faster from Headaches
Balance Hormones
Reduce Stress
Compliment Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
Get you to Sleep Faster
Recover from Surgery Quicker
Reduce Pregnancy Symptoms
Improve Liver Functions
Balance Emotions
Reduce Menstrual Symptoms

……and more! Yes, and more.

So make your task list! Don’t be shy.
Bring your feet to Reflexology Health and More  for some sweet repair then march on with your doggies.
Schedule an appointment today!

Reflexology Health and More
Located at the Smart Sixty-Six office building in Pinellas Park.
12360 66th St No. Suite K
Largo, Fl 33773
(813) 720-1681


Reflexology Feet Healing Reflexology Health More Largo Florida

Reflexology 101 – Positive Health Benefits

In modern day society, many people choose to undergo whatever their doctors tell them will be the best for their health.  Alternatively, however, there are many different forms of therapy that can offer results but are less widely known than types of Western medicine. In this article we help you learn more about Reflexology so that you can find out whether or not this special type of alternative therapy can be useful in helping you get over the problems that you are having with your health. 

First, we’ll go over some of the basics to give you a better idea of what Reflexology is.  It is sometimes referred to as zone therapy, and more often than not, it is used as a type of complementary therapy to conventional medical treatments.  It is very different from other forms of therapy, as it focuses upon the manipulation of the nerves that are found in the feet, hands and ears in order to help other parts of the body.  The Reflexologist generally uses their thumbs and fingers to manipulate specific ‘zones’ located on the feet, hands and ears in order to address a specific problem.  Different zones of the feet, hands, and ears are know to correspond to helping specific different parts of the body, and many Reflexologists keep charts that help to illustrate exactly which parts of the feet that they should focus on in order to treat a specific problem. 

There are numerous positive health effects that individuals report after they receive Reflexology treatment.  Amongst the many benefits include a decreased level of stress, as well as a higher level of energy, increased circulation, and a boosted immune system.  Research has been carried out that proves that Reflexology can also be helpful when it comes to eliminating or lessening the symptoms of PMS, as well as helping to assist with lessening the pain that headaches can cause.  Those who suffer from cancer pain and victims of multiple sclerosis also find relief from receiving treatment from a Reflexologist. 

There is no real scientific consensus on why Reflexology is so helpful in benefiting the health of different parts of the body.  Some contend that the practice works by helping to correct energy levels throughout the body.  Others believe that the manipulation of the nerves in the feet helps to break up  stress patterns that may be present in other parts of the body since there are around seven thousands nerves in the feet alone.  Still others claim that Reflexology techniques help the body to release neurotransmitters in order to help the individual feel better.  Although there are many hypotheses, science is still working at being able to accurately explain how Reflexology works. 
Remember that Reflexology is often used as a complementary therapy, meaning that you should not cast aside Western medicine, and instead use Reflexology as a additional treatment to the care that you are already receiving. 
Universal College of Reflexology, Lauren Slade 2011