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Carolyn Brooker Reflexologist LMT Massage Largo Florida

The benefits of Reflexology in Clearwater Florida

Always on the run with work, picking up kids, grocery shopping, taking care of the house, getting to the gym, and even putting icing on the perfect cake to celebrate your kid’s upcoming birthday. Lifetime’s tasks can be hectic and are always endless. Fact is that your body is always  with you and on the run.  Thank goodness for it’s fine design. Normal or extreme stress on the body can give you some expected aches and pains in any area of that fine machine. Like anything, it needs maintenance and that extra level of TLC as well. 
So, let’s get to that!

You can help repair the whole body with your feet, hands, face and ears! 
We at Reflexology Health and More care!
Let’s talk about the repair!

Reflexology is the massaging of your hands, feet, face and ears. Why? These areas of the body have a secret.  Certain points have access to the central nervous system. All of these points connect various areas in the body. The liver, the heart, the brain, and even lungs, stomach, and sinuses. Incredible but true!

What happens when these points receive pressure?
 Amazing things. Want to hear more? I bet you do.

When you are in to visit us at Reflexology Health and More our friendly expertly trained practitioners will get to work to heal your ails. If you have the following, consider it on the mend because here is what we can do for you through reflexology.

Eliminate Toxins
Increase Circulation
Reduce swelling in Ankles and Feet
Boost Immune System
Recover Faster from Headaches
Balance Hormones
Reduce Stress
Compliment Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
Get you to Sleep Faster
Recover from Surgery Quicker
Reduce Pregnancy Symptoms
Improve Liver Functions
Balance Emotions
Reduce Menstrual Symptoms

……and more! Yes, and more.

So make your task list! Don’t be shy.
Bring your feet to Reflexology Health and More  for some sweet repair then march on with your doggies.
Schedule an appointment today!

Reflexology Health and More
Located at the Smart Sixty-Six office building in Pinellas Park.
12360 66th St No. Suite K
Largo, Fl 33773
(813) 720-1681