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Pre Post Operative Surgery Reflexology Health Largo Florida

Pre and Post Operative Reflexology Side Effects

Most times, we have an opportunity to ready our bodies for surgery and the recovery process to follow.  We may consider improving our eating habits, adding supplements to our diets, increasing exercise to strength the body and reducing stress.  Another r consideration may be incorporating weekly reflexolgoy sessions into your pre-operative and post operative plan.  Clinical studies have shown regular reflexology sessions post operatively can be of great benefit in resorting the immune system thereby aiding in pain reduction and more effective healing.

Over my time in practicing reflexology, I have worked with clients six to ten weeks prior to surgery.  Reflexology sessions were designed to meet the needs of the individual client and were done consistently in preparation for the surgery scheduled.  It was commitment on the part of the client but the great thing is it yielded results.  Clients reported that they used little to no pain medication after surgery and the surgeons themselves expressed amazement at the rate of the healing process.

Why the result?  Well, the true  aim of reflexology for the body is homeostasis; a state of well-being  and balance maintained despite changes in the external environment. As Reflexoligsts, I always approach my sessions with the intention of offering the body the opportunity to regain balance by reducing tension and improving circulation to the glands, organs and various body parts.  The wonderful thing is that in doing reflexology on an individual’s feet, the balance that their body regains from this therapy has some positive “side effects”.  Pre-operatively, reflexology boosts the immune system by improving the lymphatic system’s functioning, the circulation and necessary time in “relaxation” where the body can be at  optimal performance.  Post operatively reflexology helps keep blood flowing, aides the body in toxin removal, provides relaxation to aid in healing and has a wonderful effect on pain levels.  Facing surgery can be intimidating life event and reflexology can help.