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Reflexology Seasonal Allergies Largo Florida

Allergy Relief Through Reflexology

While many of us welcome the arrival of new season, those with seasonal allergies (me included) area little less eager to see that the season is upon us. Seasonal allergies, formally called “season allergic rhinitis” affect sufferers with a variety of unpleasant symptoms (i.e running nose, itching eyes, and post nasal drip).  These complaints can lead to more severe problems such as asthma or sinusitis. In a study at the University of Ohio it was found allergies were substantially worsened by stress and anxiety and that the effect of the stress/anxiety actually lingered causing the next day of symptoms to be even more severe. 

This brings about an interesting correlation with Reflexology and why it has been found to relieve allergies in clinical studies as well as in testimonial case studies. Since reducing stress can be effective in reducing the severity of allergies, and since Reflexology reduces stress, it is logical to conclude that Reflexology can be an effective tool in reducing the severity of allergies as well! 

Two of my favorite “De-Stress” reflex points in your hands are the adrenal gland and solar plexus.  I would suggest working both reflex points several times throughout the day.  Hold each point for about a minute. You may notice the first time you approach the reflex points they will be tender to touch.  Work through the discomfort!  If you have week thumbs you may want to use a golf ball to stimulate the reflex point.