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Living with Fibromyalgia Relief through Reflexology

A few years ago, a petite soft spoken woman came into my office. Her doctor had suggested she try reflexology to help manage symptoms of fibromyalgia. Her visit encouraged me to research what fibromyalgia was, its symptoms and what I, as a reflexologist, could do to help relieve her pain. To my astonishment I found that more than 6 million people dealing with this disease.What is fibromyalgia?According to the NFA (The National Fibromyalgia Association) fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic widespread types of pain. Individuals often experience:

  • Chronic widespread body pain in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs
  • Deep tenderness, soreness and flu-like aching
  • Poor sleep, stiffness and fatigue
  • Dull pain in muscles, tendons and ligaments

What are the symptoms?The NFA tells us fibromyalgia is characterized by the presence of multiple tender points and a collection of symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Impaired memory and concentration

What is reflexology?Reflexology is a form of natural healing which has been practiced for centuries. We believe the entire body is mirrored on the feet through a system of reflex points. By stimulating specific reflex points on the feet, congestion and tension are released and the body’s natural tendency towards balance is restored. This moves the body into a state where its natural healing abilities can work at optimal levels. 

What are the benefits of reflexology?

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Stress relief
  • Pain Reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Cleansing of toxins
  • Revitalized energy
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from headaches and migraine

The soft spoken petite woman, I started working with in August of 2007 is doing well.