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Chronic Pain is there Healing Power in Your Feet?

Pain, like stress is a healthy component to our existence as it serves the vital function of triggering avoidance. It is a simple reflex action, for example, you put your hand under a facet, the water is very hot, and it hurts and quickly pulls your hand away. Pain is sensory, physical and emotional. Imagine living a life of pain which is often associated with an overlapping illness? 

Constant pain can create a never ending cycle of destruction. You are uncomfortable, therefore, you do not sleep, you battle fatigue all day which affects your appetite, your mood, your relationships with family and friends, your ability to concentrate, to be productive, and list goes on. The physical and mental challenges can be overwhelming. 

Many clients I have worked with have chosen to incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to cope with their chronic pain. Medications help deal with the specific symptoms, exercise and diet fuel their bodies, a positive attitude reinforces their mental well being and Reflexology helps to manage pain. My clients have reported less fatigue, improved sleep patterns, increased productivity, reduced pain and stiffness, more mental clarity, less and anxiety and, in general, uplifted spirits. 

The results from Reflexology do not occur in one session, but over a period of time. Chronic pain is individualized’ therefore, each session is customized to meet your specific needs and concerns. Your feet are the basic assessment tool, and the communicator of the rest of your body. By applying pressure to specific areas of the foot, I can break up stress patterns in parts of the body inducing a state of deep relaxation. With over 7,000 nerve receptors in each foot, simulation and therapeutic movement activates responses throughout the nervous system. The results have wide effects on the body such as improved circulation, enhanced lymphatic movement and increased serotonin levels which reduces the chemical messenger of pain. 

In my practice, I see people with long standing conditions regain an improved quality of life and mental well being. Reflexology is not a cure, but, a form of natural healing which has been practiced for centuries. This therapy can be traced back to the Chinese, the ancient Indians and the Egyptians. There is scientific research that backs this therapy based on the premise there are zones and reflex points in the feet which correspond to the entire body. The important function of Reflexology is to activate and harmonize your body’s own life forces and healing powers.